Not-So-Lost Bread with Caramelized Apple and Carrot Syrup

For those that have visited this blog before--and have taken interest in the food/recipes potion of it--you know that my son's favorite breakfast is homemade French toast. In archaic Louisiana French patois this dish is of course referred to as pain purdue, or "lost bread," making reference to the fact that it is often made with stale (or lost) bread. Well with the frequency which I bake bread in my house there is nothing lost about it this bread...this dish was made with fresh 100% whole wheat bread (click here to learn how to make it). The other thing that makes this dish truely delicious, yet still simple to produce, is it's inclusion of homemade syrup...and this is made by simply reducing any fruit juice (or in this case vegetable juice) to a syrupy consistency, sometimes with the aid of a little extra sugar (as was the case of this recipe).

I also sprinkled a bit of sugar in the pan as the bread and apples were cooking, giving it a nice caramelization. Anyhow, this is a restaurant-quality brunch dish that is very easy to replicate at home (at a fraction of the cost). The flavoring ingredients are really up to your taste or what you have on hand. To see a couple other variations on this same recipe, click here and here.