Pizza Made with Leftovers

As is often the case when I'm home alone dinner is an afterthought...yesterday was one of these times. I am a firm believer that you can add almost anything to a soup pot, pasta, or top a pizza and it will be good and nourishing (within reason of course).  Yesterday I was making bread so I thought I'd take a potion of the dough and make a pizza for dinner (which is not unlike here for another example). Anyhow, after rummaging around my fridge, freezer, and pantry this is what I came up with: a cup or so of tomato sauce, a handful of frozen broccoli (from last summer's garden), cooked chicken, a piece of kielbasa, an onion, three anchovies (yes, I like them), and (of course) cheese. So I peeled the skin from the chicken, rinsed the anchovies of their oil, chopped and diced everything, and sauteed it all in olive oil with hot peppers. After letting it cool a bit (don't want to kill the live yeast in the dough by adding a scorching topping) I topped the pizza and baked it...delicious. You can make pizza out of almost anything...ate half of it and washed it down with cheap red wine while listening to NPR. My two pugs sat waiting and staring with their bugged out eyes for scrapes to drop--or me to throw them some--but I didn't this time as I thought the anchovy/hot pepper combo may upset their stomachs. Satisfactory pizza could of course be made with store-bought dough, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun or satisfying (in my opinion). If you need a recipe for whole wheat pizza/bread dough click here.