Plus de Neige

No I do not have a filter on the was snowing and blowing so hard today it was difficult to see across the street. This makes it very difficult to ride a bike...and even if one did venture out it would be unsafe on the streets because of low visibility. I don't get very many Saturdays off of work but I did today. I had planned on running errands on the Mundo...well that of course never happened; I drove instead. That was this's calmed down a bit now. Currently sitting next to my wood stove with a glass of red wine...comfy. There's always tomorrow.


Whoa, that is snowy. We got a bit of snow today too, but it wasn't coming down *that* hard.
the_big_smile said…
Isn't it funny, how humans react on danger?

In weather conditions like this it feels dangerous to ride a bike, I do admitt.
Why does it feel unsave? We are afraid of car drivers knocking us down.
What is our reaction to the situation?
We change to driving a car ourselves and become the potential danger, we were afraid of....

Isn't that funny?

But it would have been really uncomfortable riding a bike in that snow....
Joe said…
James, yes it was really coming down for a's been a snowy--but mostly really cold--winter thus far.

Stefan, Yes I am more worried about getting hit by a car on a day like this...otherwise riding a bike in this would just be another challenge, and a fun one at that.