Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#262)

A canvas bag carrying, among other things, electronic books, an actual book, and a day planner.

A foil container containing cooked and diced--but very rare--prime rib (which I scraped from the plates of patrons as they returned to the kitchen)...for my dogs, of course. "The boys" knew I was serving prime rib tonight so I had to bring them some. They'll have steak for breakfast, I'll have peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat toast. So my only question is...who's really in charge?


Kim said…
I so smiled and laughed at this... thank you. Your satirical
but oh-so-true observation of Pugs being the 'pack leaders' and we merely being the followers is more than exact. But delightful and fulfilling nonetheless! I really enjoy you sharing your Pug family as well as your peaceful nature and observations on life. It makes me slow down and "think" and that tiny gesture is often overlooked in the chaos of day to day life. I hope all is well and peaceful with you. Please take care as always!
the_big_smile said…
Well, I knew for long, that cats do own their humans. ;-)

But when I look at your picture of your Pugs, I can easily believe, they own their humans, too. ;-)

I hope, they will always lead you to the wright places to the wright time.
Joe said…
Kim, Thanks--as always--for your kind words. As a fellow pug-owner you know how lovable they are (and how bossy.

Stefan...yes, the dogs own me...they have me trained well :)