Wet...but a nice short ride

This has without question been an odd winter. The temperatures and snow have been fluctuating daily...and somewhat extremely (I think). Yesterday it was frigid, for example, but today it is warm and rainy; tomorrow the temp is supposed to drop again and bring with it more snow. This is something like the third time this winter we've repeated this pattern...when you're on a bike you tend to be more aware of the weather I suppose (rain, incidentally, is my least favorite element to ride in...I'd take snow any day over rain). Anyhow, the rain washed away most of the snow on the streets and I took the Mundo for a short spin tonight. I haven't been on it for a week or so and whenever this happens it makes me remember why I love that bike so much. Its long wheel base, upright riding position, and heavy weight offer a big cushy ride that I haven't experienced on another bike.