Bicycle Carnage in Brazil

Image found here.

Firstly I have to say that normally I try not to focus on the negative or sensational on this blog because I feel there is enough media that does that, but this is such an incredible incident that I had to show it. This is the ultimate act of road rage and is really terrible...a critical mass ride in Brazil was intentionally plowed down last night by an angry driver in a Volkswagen Golf. Apparently he accelerated to full speed before hitting them. Dozens were injured and I don't know if anyone was killed. These are all the details I know at present.

My apologies if this offends any of the  readers of this blog, but my thought is that if enough people re-post things like this maybe it can bring some awareness. I, like most everyday bicyclists, have been exposed to road rage, but thankfully nothing like this. I can't believe it. 

Below are two videos posted on YouTube regarding the incident. The first one is seen through the lens of a person on the seen directly after the accident, and the one below it is a blurry aerial view of the car actually plowing through the group of bicyclists.

WARNING: These are raw graphic unedited videos that show injured people directly after an attempted and intentional mass murder. If you do not wish to see these images I urge you NOT to watch these clips. To read some English translations of what was said please visit The Urban Country.

Tonight my thoughts and prayers go out to those and their families who were involved in this.


amoeba said…
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amoeba said…
I hope the driver is caught and punished severely.

Or is that too much to hope?
Bikejuju said…
Thanks for posting this, I thought I was the only English-language blogger who had caught onto this story, but searching my feeds reveals your post from yesterday. Thanks for getting this important story out there. It's truly horrific. There is a link on my blog to a video with English subtitles.