A Few Random Thoughts, Photos, and Comments

I pass the above apartment house on my way home from work and there are usually a few fixies locked to that or another parking meter. This one, which is also a fixed gear bike, at least has brakes and wide tires...it makes me cringe when I see people riding brakeless (sp?), skinny-tire bikes in the snow. And I'm still not sure why they lock their bikes outside 24/7...if it were me I'd bring it in my house...there's always room; I keep mine parked in my living room.
This is directly across the street in front of my favorite used book store...and to me this is the sign of a good neighbor. Not only do they have one-of-a-kind bicycle racks to lock your bike, they shovel them out of the snow.
Lastly, am I the only one who has noticed how the price of gas has been creeping up again? It hasn't been this expensive in three years...and it's still climbing. And I know this next comment will infuriate some (but also make a few smile)...but I am actually glad the prices have gone up, and wouldn't mind if they went higher. Maybe if it goes over $4/gl. again people, especially myself, will consider serious transportation changes...in my case, use my gas-powered vehicle even less.To read this through the lens of living in the Netherlands I suggest you read this blog post.


amoeba said…
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amoeba said…
In the UK, our local average price of standard gasoline is £1.291 per litre = $8.59 per Gal US. The highest price locally is £1.369 per litre = $9.11 per Gal US.

It needs to rise.
Joe said…

Thanks for your comments. I knew the price of petrol in Europe was high but not that high. If it were to rise that high in the US there would be riots...people would jump off bridges. We (Americans) are spoiled in so many ways. I agree...it needs to rise.