Full Moon over Allen Street (denuo)

On my way home from work tonight I was so taken by the moon I had to snap a few photos of it. I posted a photo of this a month ago from this same spot (at the last full moon...that photo was better; more dramatic, click here to see it). And though this image does not do it justice, the moon was/is incredible tonight. It amazes me to think that everyone on this side of the globe can see that same white orb up in the sky at the same time. And while I was there snapping pictures a car pulls up, and the window rolls down..."Do you want me to be in the picture?" the drunk (driver) asks me as he flashes me the peace sign with his fingers. No thanks, I respond. "Why not?" Ummm...I'm just taking pictures of the moon, I tell him. "Com'on...take my picture," he pleaded. There's something really weird, I think, about a grown man you don't know nearly begging you to take his photo. And as I thought that I put my camera in my pocket, hopped on my bike and pedaled away. The trees below were directly behind me, ilumminated by the moon (and street lights) on Days Park. To read more about Allen Street, click here or here.