Submissive Pug

This is too cute not to post (I thought). I was trying to get a close up picture of my pugs but they were  afraid of the camera. Ultimately I held a treat in my left hand up against the camera and Franklin had the courage to slowly creep up and take it. I took the picture just before he snapped it up. Meanwhile, his brother, Maxwell, sat at the other side of the room barking at the camera (they both received a treat). I've read that pugs were bred to entertain a Chinese emperor...don't know if it is true but they sure entertain me.


Michael said…
Yay, corned beef! I just got all the stuff to start making my first one in the morning. If you're ever in Tacoma WA there are a couple restaurants that make their own super yummy, corned beef.
Joe said…
Thanks Michael...let me know how the recipe comes out!