Virtual Problems

Firstly let me just say that I enjoy writing this blog...mostly it is (as I had originally intended it to be) a sort of online journal on living simply in the city and simplifying my life. Things don't seem to be getting much simpler--indeed some days, many days, it is the opposite--but I still enjoy doing it. And judging by the amount of daily hits, I believe others enjoy it as well. I like to post every day or at least has become a sort of routine for me. So you can imagine my surprise 3 days ago when I went to log on and was told that I had either an incorrect password or user name. Thinking I had miss-typed I tried it again, then a few more times, but to no avail. I had not changed anything and had used the same password and user name since my very first post. After a few rounds with the blogger help page I was told that this account was affiliated with an email I had used when I first toyed with blogging and started one but never got it off the short, that blog and email have not existed in almost 4 years. Huh? To make the story shorter, I was eventually able to reestablish a (new) password and user name and access this blog.  So the question I am wondering is was I hacked or was this some sort of ancient blog floating in cyberspace gone awry? Whatever the reason, after I was able to access this blog, as a precautionary measure I've started a mirror blog at Wordpress. This is still my main blog from which I will post, but once a week or so I will import it there (click here to see it). It has all of the posts but not the links (eventually it will). Periodically I do take a few days off--and very rarely even a week--but if you notice that I havn't been posting you may want to check in the Wordpress blog...the way I see it, if I was locked out before and for no reason on my part it may happen again. And if it does I'll have a back up.  As always, thanks for visiting and commenting...for without readers there is, in my opinion, no reason to blog. Peace.


DanT said…
Hi Joe,

While you may enjoy writing this blog - I certainly enjoy reading it. It is one of my favorite blogs.

Thank you for taking the time to put so much of yourself into each post, that is what makes the difference to me.

Debor said…
Yours is one of the blogs I read daily, so I was quite surprised when you didn't post. I was starting to think you had the flu! Glad to know it was blogger, not you, who was ill.
Joe said…
Dan and Debor...Thanks :)