A Blast from the Past

The Internet, to me, is both fascinating and somewhat terrifying at the same time...I mean really. What is it? Where does all this stuff come from (surely not the tiny cable hanging on the outside of my house). And more importantly, does the information ever cease to exist once it's in cyber-space....doubtful. This is a perfect example. I learned recently of a site called the Wayback Machine...an Internet archive site. At the site you can type any address of a now defunct site (but you have to remember the address exactly as it was...every forward slash and hyphen) and  it will recall the site. Yow! That's a bit scary. On a personal note I recalled my original, albeit rudimentary, website (never heard of the word blog at the time) and it came up straight away. It was a culinary site, but mostly a foray for me to experiment with html (old school...typed everything in by hand) and have a little fun while doing it. It was on this site that I learned how to add and re-size pictures by hand, make things move, add borders, etc...many a late nights drinking wine and adding one extra little forward slash or zero to a code to make something function properly. Wayback machine says this "snapshot" is from  2006 but it's  more accurately 1998 or so. Anyhow, if you are bored enough to see it (it does have a lot of recipes and cooking info) click here. The below picture was culled from the site (hint: I'm the guy in the middle--younger than I am now--with my hand on my hip).