Crazy Ride

I came across this and a few other short videos on Treehugger. It's a 4-minute clip of a Chilean bicyclist doing a downhill race in the city through all sorts of perilous circumstances...and he has a camera mounted on his helmet. As Treehugger suggests, watch it in full screen is pretty incredible. Watching it (to me) was like a cross between riding on a roller coaster and watching a video game. There were points when I actually said out loud...whoooaa! It is really entertaining.

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.


DanT said…
I've done some scary things in my life but nothing quite like that.

I think the greatest real danger was landing on any of the hundreds of poles marking the course and holding up tape - any one of them could be fatal in a fall.

This fellow reminds me of the now deceased Crocodile Hunter - one day he will run out of luck. If I was this rider, I would never race again - he has used up his 9 lives and then some.