My son bought me this sticker yesterday...it made me smile. I've seen it before but because my son bought it for me it seems extra special. I'm not sure yet where I'll place it. He--like his father--has a good sense of humor, albeit a bit dry. If I put it on the bumper of my truck, he commented, it would seem wrong because I wasn't on one of my bikes. But if I put it on my bike...well it's just too obvious.  :)


j.m.r. said…
How about the mailbox? Or, better yet: get thee to a tattooery!
Joe said…
I am thinking about getting a tattoo for my midlife crisis...
the_big_smile said…
Hey Joe!

I allways thought, men in the midlife crisis go an d buy a sports car! ;-)

But men with Mundos are real men! (You wouldn't get 35 kg of bike moving, if you weren't a real man!)
So we don't need sports cars! ;-)
Joe said…
Stefan...well said. The sports car is too expensive (I'm considering another bike), and a young girlfriend...well as fun as that may be, it just sounds exhausting.
the_big_smile said…
Hi Joe!

Well, a sports car is definetly fun to drive. (Back in 1992 I had the chance to drive 20 kilometers in a Mercedes 600SL! 360 horsepowers!) But I wouldn't want to pay the bills, you have to pay for these kinds of car!
And think of the time you would have to work for all that money!

Not to mentions the impact to our environment!

A Young girlfriend? Sound tempting.....
My wife is allmost 10 years younger than I am.... ;-)

One more bike!
This sounds like a real alterantive to me! ;-)

Put the sticker onto the bumper of your truck. Just to show every car-driver, what you think about driving a car.
I would do so!