First Signs of Spring

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like this has been a long winter; not terribly snowy but very cold. Anyhow, as I was taking out the trash yesterday I spotted this...the tiny dot of green which you see in the above image. Last autumn, just before the real cold came, I pulled out any remaining vegetables from my teeny front yard vegetable garden. But the Brussels sprout's roots were so tough I just cut them at ground level (the cut root is visible)...and to my surprise they are growing back (can they do that?). I just take it as first signs of spring...onion, chive, and garlic shoots are already pushing through the cold soil as well. Amazing (I think), that they know just when to do this. Hibernating under sometimes feet of snow and ice and buried in frozen solid soil and they still know just when the earth has rotated to just the correct position that they should push up and reach for the sun. Think of it what you will, but I considerate one of many everyday miracles.


Jim said…
Same here in France.
The buds on the vines in the vinyards are sprouting too, evern though it has been raining and raining and raining...
Here is to warmer things !
Joe said…
Jim, I is to warmer things. I have a couple grapevines in my backyard but the buds have not come yet...soon. Soon!