Horse and Bicycle

I love this photo but unfortunately do not know who it portrays, who took it, or when or where it took place. It's from the site The Bicycle & The West. If you are interested in bicycles, or old pictures and the history of bicycles, I suggest you pay them a visit. Anyhow, seems to me like it would have been taken not too long before the advent of the car...I wonder what pictures of personal transport will be taken 100 years from now.


DanT said…

100 years? Peak oil is real - 5 years from now will show many more bicycles and fewer cars - 10 years will be like 1925 lots of walking, bicycles public transit and very few private automobiles.

Joe said…
I'm with ya Dan.
amoeba said…
I started to explore the site, but then I found that it's an old site and best seen on the wayback machine.