Spring...and the newness it brings

Amazing isn't it? I think so. As I was walking the Mundo up the plank of gratefulness today I saw these shoots pushing up in front of the porch. They're a type of day-lily that were in my front yard when I bought the house. Who knows how long they were here before I lived here. It's not a rare plant in these parts of the world...you see them growing everywhere. And they spread like weeds if you don't keep them in check. But still I find them--and the cyclical system of life--truly amazing. Soon there will be tall leaves, then two-foot tall shoots, then--around late June--bright orange flowers. The flowers die off by August or September, leaving only the leaves, which in turn die off in late fall. And there the bulbs lie, connected to one another by long tentacle-like roots, in hibernation. What I find interesting also is that the bulbs are only a few inches underground, meaning they are frozen solid through much of the winter. But then, when the time is right--maybe it's the the temperature, or the way the earth lies on its axis in relation to the sun, or maybe planets are in a certain alignment--they push through the still-cold and wet soil and reach skyward...and not only the old plants but new ones as well. Amazing; it's easy for me to see why (and how) our ancestors organized their lives according to the seasons. Sometimes it's little things like this that make me slow down and remember what is true