Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#277-279)

#277 (upper left)...A plastic bag containing two pounds of raw whole wheat bread dough.

#278 (Upper right)...A bottle of red wine, two loaves of freshly baked whole wheat bread, a canvas bag containing a few books, writing implements, and  a Bike Rev trailer hitch.

#279 (lower)...A gym bag full of wet clothes and a recently rescued chair.


junemoon said…
I really enjoy your posts on the things that can be carried on a bike ~ interesting, fun, and in some cases, awe inspiring. Each time I have stopped by your blog, I have been entertained and most of the time, I've learned something new.

Great blog!
Joe said…
JuneMoon...thanks for your kind comments. It's readers like you that keeps me blogging. Nice blog of your own, by the way...not learning to to ride a bike 'till mid twenties. Amazing. Glad you did though. Thanks again. Peace.