Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#286 & #287)...and a brief comment

#286 (upper photo)...3 metal mixing bowls of various sizes, an 18" skillet with lid, a bus pan, a portable propane stove with two extra canisters of propane, 27 small plastic containers with lids, tongs, spatulas, mixing spoons, a rolling pin, 8 cotton towels, a canvas book bag containing books and writing implements, a book on top of the bag, two pie tins, and a pound of whole wheat flour.

#287 (below photo)...a cardboard box containing a laptop computer, an iPod, a cellphone, and 15 CDs. A 6' cable (on top of the box) and a book (on the front rack).

These photos were both taken today--morning and early evening--it is possible to be nearly car-free (or even entirely car-free for some) and still get where you need to go and easily carry what you need to bring with you. But then again, if you've been to this blog before (or others like it) you already know this.