Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#285)...and a quick comment

Three liters of wine, a gym bag full of wet clothes, and $27.61 in groceries, sundries, and other toiletries.

As I was loading my purchases onto the Mundo I saw a friend in the parking lot of the store. He told me I looked a little crazy carrying all that stuff on a bike, and that he would feel self-conscious doing so. I reminded him of two things: (1) that I stopped caring what people thought about me quite some time ago, and (2) what I had on the bike was not all that  much...that it is capable of carrying so much more. What I didn't say (but I thought as I rode away), was we'll see who looks crazy as the petrol problem gets worse...and worse and worse. Another thing I failed to mention to my friend was that I  think I am a little bit crazy...crazy for life. Because while I still own a car (truck actually), I find riding my bikes way more fun.


DanT said…

I'm with ya ....

junemoon said…
I think it's so interesting what we humans find too embarrassing to do in public. Our self consciousness when really more than 3/4's of the time everyone else is too busy thinking about themselves to care what anybody else is doing or not doing. Additionally, I think it's very interesting what we will stop and comment on and what we don't and when and why. Like why did that friend feel compelled to comment on what you were or were not carrying on your bike? and why not the opposite, more (to me) obvious thought and comment of "how cool, my friend is utilizing an alternative more green mode of transportation." Ah well. I suppose that's why I'm a psychologist - what makes us tick is so facsinating. Irritating at times, but interesting.

I say, good on you for biking and doing what you love. I love your pictures of what you carry on your bike! Thank you for sharing your lifestyle ~
Joe said…
junemoon...thanks for the kind words. And yes, I agree how strange it is that as adults we are so concerned what others think of us. I, myself, am much happier when I follow my heart and don't concern myself with other people's thoughts (or my perception of their thoughts). Thanks, also, for visiting and commenting.
Max said…
I have many similar experiences Joe, especially when carrying the kids. And yet somehow people don't react to the truly mystifying continuous flow of single occupancy vehicles all around us everywhere.

The driver says, "I don't have a problem... I can stop any time that I want."


Joe said…
Max, thanks for your comments...I believe it is difficult for a non-cyclist to understand why someone would choose to ride a bike.