Bicycle Power Calculator

This is pretty cool (and I originally found it at treehugger). I'm not sure I've entirely figured it out, but if you're at all interested in bicycling as transportation you may find this tells you how much energy you have to generate to propel yourself on a bike. Click here to go directly wit the page with the calculator.


amoeba said…
There is another calculator created by Walter Zorn, who passed away recently.

It has been recently restored to the web here:

A derived verion is available here:
Max said…
Thanks for posting this Joe! This is great as I can now see how various cargo, or even just the weight of the Mundo, affects caloric consumption.
Max said…
I meant to say, "caloric expenditure", rather than "consumption", though I suppose riding does affect consumption too.
Joe said…
Max, I agree...pretty cool, especially for cargo bikers.

Amoeba, thanks for the links.