Close to the Summit?

I've noticed that the price of petrol station has jumped by 10 cents in the past week (not that I really care); twice: first 5 cents, then a few days later another 5 cents. It is very close to $4/gl (which of course is still much less than many other areas of the world have been paying for years (and years). I heard a newscaster today say that Americans are starting to change their driving habits as the price at the pump goes up (it's about time). How much more, I often wonder, can our precious earth sustain. Hydrofracking has got me really freaked out.  Have we finally reached the summit of oil (peak oil) that can be extracted? We can probably squeeze out more...but at what cost? What will the earth look like for our children's children? Our bodies were made to move themselves on the physical plane; It's time we start to appreciate that.