Floral Beauty (despite the cold weather)

This time of year when I see flowers poking up through the still-brown leaves and other debris from winter they look especially beautiful to me...almost illuminated against their drab backdrop. I snapped a few closeups today of flowers growing in my neighbor's front yard. The two below I find particularly interesting...I didn't realize it when I was taking the photos--just concentrating on holding the camera steady--but if you look close you can see a little bug staring back at me (click any for a larger view).  


Suzy said…
Gorgeous, Joe!!
the_big_smile said…
Nice pictures Joe!

I am sure, I know, what the bug thought, when you took the pictures.
"This time of year I love to look into camera lenses. I know, that spring is coming." ;-)
Or he was wondering, what kind of guy this is, who rides a bike like a Mundo. ;-)

I love to take picture of flowers, too.
And I love to see pictures of flowers.
Jitter Garcia said…
I love these pictures. Flowers are the ultimate proof of beauty. I've always wanted to be able to learn how to use a camera so that I can take pictures like these. Beautiful!
Joe said…
Thanks Jitter...I love the colors of the flowers. Just try it.