Sidewalk Graffiti; Two Images, Similar View

I walked today because it was so incredibly windy (something like 60mph/96kph wind gusts). Actually I did ride this morning for a bit on my folder but it was difficult...thought it might be fun to put a sail on it. Anyhow, as always, in the same way that you get to notice more things when you are riding a bike than when driving in a car it is even more magnified when you walk. I past these two bits of sidewalk graffiti only about a block apart and thought they were interesting enough to post. There could be many interpretations of these, I suppose...I'd be curious to what you think.


the_big_smile said…
Well, our covernments treat everyone, as if we were terrorists, don't they?
And since 9/11 this even becomes very obvious.

The left picture might mean us cyclists.
We care for "eco" and we are terrorists in a certain way, for we don't pay taxes for fuel, for cars and no value added tax for all costs, that come with a car.
Isn't that terrorism in the eyes of those, who benefit from our taxes? ;-)
Joe said…
Stefan...vereinbart, ja, ja.