We Need This Now More Than Ever

I've been riding past this spray-painting on the side of a building at Allen and Delaware Streets for the past week. I look at it every time I ride past it and I finally snapped it's picture. It's a powerful statement in just two words. America is now, for the first time in it's short history, fighting three wars at once (and this is not counting the unofficial war at our southern border). Personally I find it terrifying and embarrassing at the same time. Maybe we should focus more on the violence and many other issues in our own country before we try to change another.  I've had to stop reading the daily papers because it make me so sad when I see the devastation that is happening...and which continues to escalate. Violence cannot be conquered with violence...it only leads to more violence. We need PEACE and we need it NOW. It is our only hope. I truly believe this.


the_big_smile said…
The photo is great!
A grey wall, a windows that has been closed forever and these words on it...
Really worth a picture!

And the fact that the United States are fighting three wars (or more) at the same time really is frightening.
It looks very much like they are trying to start a new world war.
And they tried so for many years!

I hope, they will not be successfull, because the US don't have the financial power to fight a world war the conventional way.
And I leave it to your imagination, what would happen then.....

And another interesting thought is the fact, that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Price!

Thank you for that picture!
Unknown said…
couldn`t agree more - terrifying and embarrassing indeed. The acceptance within our culture of this madness, is perhaps, the biggest reason I have chosen to raise my kids far removed from it. Life in Japan, especially these days, isn`t perfect, but it sure is nice to live amongst people who I think value peace and understand the insanity of war.
Joe said…
Stefan, I forgot that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize...ironic, right? I voted for him because I thought there would be change...I haven't seen any. I really believe that whoever takes that position ends up having their dreams and mission stifled. And yes, I am both terrified and embarrassed.

James, I hope all is well with you and your family in Japan. It one of the places that is on my list to visit before I leave this earthly plane...I hear it is beautiful.
the_big_smile said…
Joe, I do admit, I had a little bit - only a little bit - hope he might change things, allthough I know, the chances for change are small. The last president who really wanted to change things, paid with his life. It is said, Kennedy was killed for his plan, to free America from the Federal Reserve Bank....

I wouldn't mind what the president of the United States does or does not, but the US rule allmost over all other countries.
So our fate over here lies in his hands, too.

By the way, do you know, what "Yes, we can!" sounds like, if you listen Obamas speaches in reverse?
Joe said…
Stefan...that's the part that I mentioned that I find embarrassing...that the US seems to think it's ok to get in the business of so many other countries. I love my country, but I just wish the government would focus more on our own turf. And no I do no know what it sounds like in reverse...what is it?
the_big_smile said…
Joe, there are predictions beginning with the Maya until newer ones from the 20'th century. They all predict great chaos.
And these psychopatic people in Washington as well as in any other capitol of any other country are working hard, to make these predictions come true.
Very sad, but true.... We can see it all around us.

I had a little hope in Obama, because to me his face and his smile looked like it really came from his heart.
I do understand, why people voted for him.

Obama's "yes we can"...
Look here:

Sad! But obviously true....

But another question is, what this means for him as a human.
Maybe, he will turn around and start to work for us instead of against us.
JOe said…
Stefan, that is really something...not sure what to make of it...nor am I entirely convinced of it either. Thanks though.