Yin and Yang of Jellied Fish

OK, firstly...there's nothing really urban simple about this post other than it falls under the category of cooking, and that it is part of my work so I suppose it is also part of the sacred journey of my everyday life (though it doesn't always seem that way when I'm stressing out at work). Anyhow, as I've mentioned before I work in a private city club, and in envioromets like this a cook is able to make things--classical things--that he/she may not otherwise have the opportumity to (in a public restaurant)...this is one such dish. It is a variation on the classic French dish chaud froid, or hot-cold, making reference to the fact that it was prepared hot and then served cold (to read more about chaud froid, click here). It can be done with most meats, fish or poultry; in this case I used salmon. Whichever protein you use it is usually coated in an aspic, or a sauce that has had gelatin added to it. In the instance of this recipe--after poaching the fish whole, chilling them, and removing their skin and fins--I also dipped thinly sliced cucumbers in aspic and applied them to the fish to make them a sort of pseudo edible scale. It's also garnished with minced vegetables and whipped seasoned cream cheese. Sounds odd...maybe, but if you enjoy fish this is surely delicious. Anyhow, here's how I made it. (The bottom photo is Steve--one of our cooks--holding a fish so you can get a perspective of how big the fish are)

Saumon Chaud-Froid avec Aspic Gelee et Concombre