Bread Bikes

Before I started this blog I had another blog waayyy back in 2006 or 2007...that's like light-years ago in Internet time. Anyhow, it was when I was toying with starting a blog, and it was, for a very short time, called The Biking Baker...seeing how I like to bike and bake. I even had thoughts of starting a bread delivery service by bike (but figured I'd have to deliver A LOT of bread to support myself so I scrapped that idea). In the past it was not uncommon for bread, and most everything for that matter, to be delivered by bike (hopefully it's making a  resurgence). Anyhow, on a whim today I googled the phrase "bread bike" and thought I'd share some of the photos. The above photo is my v1 Mundo a few years ago carrying 32 loaves of bread, which I baked for a benefit. Below are pics I found on the internet.

The photos were found here, here, here, here, and  here.


Anonymous said…
That's a neat collection of photo's! Thanks for putting this together!
Joe said…
Thanks PaddyAnne!