First Steps

It is still early in the season but usually by this time I have much of my Victory Garden planted by now (I like to get an early start). But because of a crazy schedule and way too much rain and cold this spring I've put it on hold. But this evening I finally was able to start putting things in the ground and a few pots (12 tomato plants). It feels good; offers hope. This coming Monday I have the day off work so I plan on planting most of it. If you've never planted your own food I encourage you to. Don't think you need a special "green thumb;" I certainly don't. Nor do you need a lot of garden is teeny teeny and I can grow a lot of food. Basically, put seeds or plants in the ground and water them. The outcome will be one of the most rewarding things you may have ever done...I also think there is something truly primal about digging in the dirt and growing your own food. To see other posts regarding previous gardens (including a chart of last year's you can see how much food can be grown in a small space), click here.


Anonymous said…
I just got our tomato, pepper and lettuce plants in, as well as planted seeds for spinach, more lettuce, radish and squash. Potato's planted a few weeks ago and starting to see them popping up... this is the first real garden I've planted since helping my Dad with his and I'm excited at the thought of picking my own fresh lettuce!
Joe said… will be so happy when you pick your own vegetables, and it is so easy to grow them. Thanks for your comments.