Frittata di Verdure Primavera

This is a variation (one of many) of something I love to fix myself when I'm home egg dish loaded with vegetables. It's really nothing more than  a stove-top open-faced omelet, but with the caramelized vegetables it--I think--is more closely related to an Italian Frittata or Spanish Torta. I refer to this as primavera (springtime) because all of the vegetables--except the green beans--are in season now (click here to read an article with recipes on the pasta dish with the same name). In this recipe, besides the eggs, there is onion, potato, carrot, garlic, crushed hot pepper, and Parmesan cheese. The recipe is basic and varies a little depending one what ingredients you use, but it goes something like this: Heat olive oil in a skillet and add the vegetables in logical succession. When they begin to caramelize add garlic and hot pepper (if you like). Then add the eggs, lower the heat and cover the pan. After a few minutes flip the frittata  (in the air or with the aid of a's difficult for me to show this in pictures). Sprinkle it with cheese and cover the pan again and shut off the heat. Leave the eggs to rest for just a couple minutes, while you slice some bread, pour a glass of wine, or ponder the origin of your ingredients. Gently slide it onto a plate and eat it hot or at room temperature. It is as simple and delicious as it looks....and you can use whatever vegetables or cheese your have in your fridge.