The Past or the Future

Now is this cool or what? These photos were taken in 1930 (found them here and here). Living in a four-season region I am often concerned about the weather (especially rain)...this would solve that problem. As the price of petrol eventually becomes too costly for the average person maybe we'll begin to see vehicles like this cruising the streets again.


charles said…
I love this too! I've been trying to think of a way to do something like this without looking like a tent rolling down the road. This one looks like a small Citroen, the French car. Wonder if there are any plans for something like this on the web??

Max said…
History is a wonderful thing. This reminds me of my Christiania, sort of recumbent-ized. I see the steering wheel, so maybe the steering is more akin to the way a Nihola trike steers.

Of course there are all of those tadpole style recumbents out there today, but they don't have the style.

Thanks Joe.