Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#324), and a couple comments

A large double-wide wicker chair.

Every so often I wonder if it isn't over-kill to a certain extent that I ride a 7ft cargo bike as my everyday bike (though it still is my most comfortable). Then I come across treasures like this and remember why it is so handy to be riding a cargo bike. I was on my way home from the health club and I saw this at the side of the road for trash pickup. It looked nice but I was hesitant to stop because I thought it would be broken or severely isn't. The only blemishes are that the front of the arms are a little scratched (they must have owned a cat), other than that it is in perfect condition...perfect for my porch, I thought. I was a little leery because I didn't have any tie-down straps with me, only bungees. It is heavier than I thought it would be but the real problem was it's awkwardness. Riding into the wind the back of the chair acted like a sail and I had to downshift. The best part was all the comments, which were--thankfully--all positive. Everything from someone yelling out a car window that it was awesome and a couple on a tandem yelling nice load, to the guy who though it was a rickshaw and asked for a ride (and even agreed to pedal). But the best was when at a stop light a young women asked if she could take my picture. Before I said yes I asked if she were going to post it on Facebook. She simply replied, "Hell naw...I just want to show my mom a picture of a guy carrying a couch on a bike." Click either of the pictures for a larger view, click here to go to the Yuba Mundo site, click here to see other cargo bikes, and click here to go home.


Anonymous said…
I love it!!
the_big_smile said…
Great load!

My first thought was "Rickshaw".

Looks very cool!

Yes, it is very handy to ride a cargo bike!
Max said…
Fantastic! Very stylish. Will this be the Grand Marshall's seat for the July 4th Parade?? Or perhaps for Miss Buffalo?

I carried two folding camp chairs in my Go Getters yesterday, which was not a big deal, but still somehow amazed the other parents we saw. I can only imagine their reaction to this!