Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#325-327)

#325 (above)...two pre-cut 4ft stair stringers, 2 hangers (for the stringers), an overhead ceiling fan, 20ft of collapsible wire fence (32" tall), three cable locks and a u-lock, four slices of pizza, and an Artvoice paper.

#326 (below)...three plastic boxes filled with lettuce and one box filled with two full sandwich loaves (all of which was on it's way to Friends of the Night People), a u-lock and a cable lock, and a cardboard box containing a canvas bag with books and other items, an extra shirt, and six chicken fingers.

#327 (bottom)...four small butternut squash plants

If you'd like to know what sandwich loaf is, click here; for a recipe for sandwich loaf, click here (but you can use whatever fillings you like). To learn more about Friends of the Night People, click here.

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