The Importance of a Good Lock (continued)

This of course is a continuation of this previous post. Firstly I just want to say thanks to everyone for their comments, stories, and suggestions. I really enjoy hearing what others have to say. And the beauty is that with the Internet we get to hear what people have to say from across the continent and the globe. Anyhow, after a bit of deliberation and minor research I purchased the above (rather expensive) lock and chain. I know a few of you use these and they seem pretty hefty. If I have to lock my bike(s) for any length of time I plan on using this in conjunction with a u-lock; cables will be for tires only. It's a shame that we have to go to these lengths to make our bikes more difficult to steal. But such is life in the modern world. Thanks again.


DanT said…
Hi Joe.

Smart choice. Now you're talking. That, along with your u-lock, will help a lot.

Diligence is still required and with the hard times coming upon society, even more necessary.

Joe said…
Dan, I agree....and thanks for the advice. The guy at the bike shop said...yes this is a good lock, it'll surly slow them down,but if they really want to steal it they will. I remember when I bough by u-lock some years ago (kryptonite) the label said that they guaranteed it everywhere in America except actually said that (or something like it...I'm paraphrasing).
Max said…
Good choice. Not cheap indeed. I have the equivalent krypto version.

Another option is to travel with those ferocious pugs of yours, and let them guard the bike. ;¬›
Joe said…
Max...I've read that pugs are big dogs trapped in little dog's bodies, they certainly think they are big. :)