Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#332-334)

#332 (top)...4lbs of raw whole wheat honey-oatmeal bread dough (in a plastic bucket) and a canvas bag containing various items.

#333 (middle)...5lbs of stone ground whole wheat flour (in a plastic bucket), 2 loaves of freshly baked honey-oatmeal bread and a canvas bag containing various items (in a plastic box).

#334 (bottom)...A gym bag full of wet clothes and 3 liters of red wine.


Hi Joe. Long time no post for me, but I keep on reading!

Dominique Browning's blog, Slow Love, might not be one you read, but today's post is a rant regarding bicycling safety. You may enjoy it, or be sympathetic, or both.

Hope all is well!
Joe said…
Hi Clare, Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the link...and also for your continues readership :)