Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#336)

A small electric fan for next to my bed (to replace the one that stopped working in the middle of last night), the book, Healing and the Mind, by Bill Moyers (which I purchased for 50 cents at my favorite used book store), $22.35 in groceries, and Chinese take out.


Pangolin said…
I notice that you're not riding with any kind of sling or carryall as a normal fixture on your bike. Is this a deliberate choice or an accident of circumstance?

Personally the slings on my Xtracycle have become like the jumpseat area of an extended cab pickup; the zone of mysterious objects. Tools, straps, bags, frisbee, water-bottles and "stuff."
Joe said…

I'm not sure what you mean by sling...are you talking about side bags? I don't care for bags that much but I do see how they make sense. I use mostly bungees, crates and boxes...and whatever else seems to work. Thanks as always for reading and commenting.
Pangolin said…
The Xtracycle "bags" are technically "slings" as they aren't closed on the front and back ends.

My favorite kind of box for carrying things is an empty apple box. They're just the right width, length, height and toughness. If only they were waterproof.

I use 1-inch webbing straps as I found out that bungees can leave your cargo behind you if you hit a good bump.

Keep up the good work. I read every post but don't always comment.
Joe said… I get it. I've only seen pictures of the Xtracycle its slings, they look like bags. Yuba Mundo does sell bags but I still like to carry things in crates, boxes, etc. But I am thinking of building a small lockable box with quick-release bolts for my Mundo. It would be handy for tools, etc.