Uncertain Ride

The above picture is a closeup of the front tire on my Mundo. Yup...looks like I'm about to have a blow out. I noticed it as I was putting a little air in the tires today. By the looks of it, it looks as if I swiped the tire against something (note the other marks on each side of the protruding tube), though I don't remember doing so. Who knows how long I've been ridding around like this. Anyhow, what was uncertain today was if I was going to make it to-and-fro without a flat. I did. I had planned on doing a bunch of errands today and thought about riding another bike, but the Mundo was required to carry things. I noticed it just before I left for my errands so I thought I'd ride to the only bike shop that I know is open on Sunday and within riding distance...they didn't have a tire of the same size in stock (this surprised me). The current tires--those that came on the bike--are 2.0 wide; I plan on staying with that width. At this point I was about 2 miles (3.2km) from home and didn't want to be stranded with a big heavy bike with a flat, so I rode home. But still determined to do my errands and not use my truck, I loaded a bag of tools, a spare inner tube, a hand pump, and an old tire onto the bike. The worst case scenario, I thought, would be that I did get a flat and had to change it on the spot. It's interesting in that every time I hit a bump in the road I expected to hear the hissing sound of a tire deflating...but it never happened. I rode probably about 10 miles (16km) and did all of my errands. I've been thinking about getting new tire for the Mundo for a few months now (originally posted about it here) but now there's no time left to procrastinate. I'll head over to my favorite bike shop tomorrow on my lunch break and see if they have any suitable tires in stock. If not I'll probably order these tires. I'd be interested to here from other Mundo, Xtra, and other cargo riders out there. In the previous post some of you mentioned the the Schwalbe Marathon but there are numerous from which to choose. Do any of you use these in particular? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Jesse Smith said…
I have the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires on my Pashley Roadster (they came as stock). I love them. They are not "high performance" at all, but then neither is my bike! They seem to be impervious. I have been riding daily since the end of April without any flats. The rear wheel in particular would take forever to remove and correctly replace, so it's in my best interest to make sure I have to do it as little as possible!

I don't know what the difference is in the various Marathon tires. They all seem to have the kevlar liner.
Andy in Germany said…
The Marathon Plus tyres are the ones with the solid insert: I've never seen one come into the shop with a puncture.
I use the standard Marathon plus, and haven' had a puncture on those either in eighteen months, but they are a bit too slick for winter use and having sen the Marathon Plus Tour on a customer bike, I'd go for those next time for the extra bite.
Joe said…
Thanks Jesse and Andy. I went to the shop today and the only suitable tires he had in stock were inexpensive Kendas (1.95 width). Kendas are good tires but this is not the width I wanted (I know I'm being picky but I wanted to stay with the 2.0) and these are the lower grade Kendas; they don't seem to be as durable as their better quality version. Anyhow, I did purchase one--just to hold me over--and installed it (it does ride nice). At my next paycheck I'll order the Marathons online (and keep the new Kenda as a backup. Thanks again for your suggestions.
Unknown said…
hmm - the stock tires on my Yuba Mundo are 2.125" Kendas.

I don`t really have a problem with these, but sometimes wonder if there is some "most perfect" tire for the Mundo.

Have you considered Big Apples?
Joe said…
James, I have thought about Big Apples. Not sure yet. But it's amazing what good tires will do to a ride. I just replaced the tires on my Dahon (pictured in an earlier post) and it's amazing what a difference it makes. The stock tires on my Mundo are Freedom 2.0 (http://www.freedombicycle.com). I'd never heard of them, but I'm assuming it's because the company is located in the same area as Yuba Mundo USA (though I may be wrong).