Yarn Bomb Explosion

I've posted on yarn bombing a couple times previously and how it has been appearing in Buffalo in recent months (click here and here to see those posts). I do not knit; I don't know how. But I can only imagine the amount of time that goes into even the smallest "bomb." I appreciate it for that but mostly for its color and how it beautifies the urban landscape. Anyhow, this past week I was in the lovely city of Seattle with my son and when we came upon Pioneer Square it was a veritable explosion of color. Every tree and many other surfaces were wrapped in colorful yard. Stunning. Beautiful. You can see the size of some of these "bombs" below...much to his chagrin, I made my son lean against a tree to show the size of it. Click either photo for a larger view. Click here to read more about yarn bombing. Click here to see more pictures (not mine) of yarn bombs.


DanT said…
Welcome back Joe.

A nice post hiatus post!

the_big_smile said…
Hi Joe!

Thanks for the pictures. Very beautiful!

I never heard of yarn bombing before I read it on your blog.

Joe said…
Thanks Stefan...let me know if you see any yarn bombs in Deutchland