The Bicycle Commuter

I came across this short video today, it's an advert for a new line of Levis jeans called commuter. Ok first let me say this about it. I am so glad that bicycling has become so popular that a huge company would not only portray them in their ads but actually design an article of clothing for it.  What I don't like is that the person they portray is not a commuter, per se, but more of a young trendy guy on a fixie. This, of course, is just my opinion, and I realize that you can be trendy, ride a fixie, and still be a commuter. But when I think of a commuter I think of a person of any age riding an upright or nearly upright bike in sensible clothes on a comfortable bike. Again...just my opinion. I hope not to have irked too many people. Notwithstanding, and as aforementioned, I'm glad they are portraying a cyclist in their advertisement. I'll get off my little soapbox now. If you want to see a few NYC bike commuters, click here; to visit a blog devoted to bike commuting, click here; and to see an example of what I consider an excellent American-made commuter bike, click here.


kfg said…
One might well be a commuter of any age, in sensible clothes, riding an upright, comfortable; fixed gear bike. No offense taken however, unless you think I'd buy those pants.

My old Schwinn Racer is mostly American made (with a few select Euro bits); the Breezer is not. It's lighter though, if that's the sort of thing that matters, and rather easier to get tires for.
Joe said…
kfg, You're likely right--again--though I can't find where Breezers are manufactured this is the actual model I'm interested in:

I'm also considering purchasing this bike, and hope to test ride one in NYC next week (in addition to a Dutch and German city bike):

Good thing your Schwinn is an old one:
kfg said…
"I can't find where Breezers are manufactured"

Last time I looked it was Taiwan.


Ahhhhhhh! The evil anti-fixie. :)

"Good thing your Schwinn is an old one"

Actually, I've got three at the moment. The Chicago made, a Giant made, and yes, a Pacific "Schwinn." I guess I need a Waterford to complete the set.

It's the Pacific, I'm afraid, a cantilever frame cruiser with a wheel swap, that is the upright and comfortable fixie. The Chicago is a 3 speed.