Peace Now and Then

This is a little weird and it a premonition or just a metaphor? I originally took the top photo this past spring and posted it here; I titled the post "We Need This Now More Than Ever." Since then it seems the world has gotten crazier than ever. The building the phrase was spray-painted on was recently sold, and this morning as I rode past it there was the above pictured bulldozer plowed straight through Peace Now. Sort of gives me the shivers.


Pangolin said…
There are a lot of people who have to wake up before the U.S. starts to even consider moving in a positive direction. I wish it were another way.
the_big_smile said…
Hi Joe!
Yes, very scary!

Very good said, Pangolin!
But the same is true for allmost every country on this planet!

But there is progress going on.

We all are want peace and we want it now.
But there are forces, that don't want peace. And these forces are strong.

It will take a few years from now, until we will overcome these forces.
And these years will hard!
But there will be peace, afterwards!

So lets work for peace in ourselves.
Only in ourselves we will be able to change anything!
And peace will come....