Red Sky at Night

I just snapped this photo from my front porch a few minutes ago. Beautiful, isn't it?  But I'm still shaking a nerves are frazzled. Not because of the photo or beautiful sky of course, but because of what happened a little while ago.

I was on my way home from the local pizzeria with a full-sized spinach pie on the front rack of the Mundo; my son had just phoned and said he would be home soon. It was perfect timing. Well, almost.

I was almost home; I was on my street. My street has a slight incline and there was no wind so I was going pretty fast; leisurely but still at a good clip, maybe 12mph/19kph (I'm guessing). And I was thinking how the front rack holds a pizza perfectly. Just as I thought that a local kid (teenager) on a bike flies out from between two parked cars without looking. He pulled out maybe 5 feet in front of me and turned in my direction. It happened so fast all I could do was yell out WHAAA!! Then...crunch. It was a direct hit; I'm not sure if I even had time to hit the brakes.

Between the sound of the crash and my yell neighbors came running. The front rack on the Mundo was pushed aside. The kid fell off his bike. I have a small bump and cut on the bony side of my knee. Surprisingly no one, or the bikes--or the pizza--were seriously injured. It was, to say the least, pretty damned scary.

So now I sit here typing these words with a full belly and a glass of wine at my side thinking about that beautiful sky and how lucky I am (and the kid is) not just today but everyday. I may not have everything I want...but I surely have everything that I need. And for that  am truly thankful. Now if only I could remember this every minute of every day of my life.

This morning I read a great quote from Robert Frost and it seems more apre pos than ever, maybe even a premonition.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
Robert Frost


I read that same quote this morning, too, Joe. Nice to know someone else is with the Daily Meditations.

Glad you are more shaken than hurt from this little crash. Life sends out reminders, for sure.
Unknown said…
Glad you and the boy are OK!

Hopefully, he learned a lesson today. He`s lucky it was just a very big bike and not a car.
Joe said…
Clare, Nice to hear from you. Science of Mind daily meditation?

James, I thought the same thing...if I was in a car and not on a bike the outcome would have been much worse.
junemoon said…
Scary stuff when things happen in that NY minute. So glad to read that you survived your collision. Survived and even thrived with the salvaged pizza pie, a glass of vino and a gorgeous red sky above you.
Joe said…
Junemoon...thanks :)