Things That Can Be Carried on a Bike (#349)

Three plastic soda crates full of groceries.

And a quick note: First ride with the new tires (installed them this morning)...nice, it's amazing the difference in good quality tires (much noticeable reduced rolling resistance).


Ben said…
Hey there....nice cargo on your bike. As for putting new parts on your bike, I recently had my front bearings redone and the difference in my ride was incredible. Ride on!
Unknown said…
Nice! How do they feel going over bumps?

I put Marathons on my wife`s minivelo and had some trouble getting them on the rim - were they tough to install?
Joe said…
Ben, Thanks for visiting and commenting (nice blogs, btw).

James, I did not have trouble mounting them, but I did notice they were a little stiffer compared to previous tires. A mechanic at a local bike shop told me a little trick to do (I had trouble with tires on another bike not setting right in the bead on the rim), he told me to rub the edge of the tire with soap and it will slide easier and adjust worked for me! And no problems with far they ride great.