Things That Can Be Carried on a Bike (#350)

A decorative urn.


Pangolin said…
Ok, tell me that the thought of riding that thing home on the back of the bike wasn't a big part of the purchase decision.

You're doomed dude. Today it's an urn. Next week it will be an Adirondack chair. In a few months you're going to be hunting garage sales for a chest of drawers you can ride around town.

When you catch yourself riding with two other bikes strapped to your bike then you know you've hit rock bottom cargo-bike junkie.

Put the bike in the garage and walk away....... you can do it.
Joe said…
Pangolin...I just laughed out loud. Very funny. And yes, I am a cargo-bike junkie. Would it have been fun carrying that home in my truck? Not at all. But on the bike it was a blast. I didn't actually purchase it, it was thrown out and in a large heap with other stuff. The beauty of being on a bike--as you know--is seeing things. If I were in a car or my truck I wouldn't have even noticed it and if I did wouldn't have stopped. And yes, also, I loved the looks I got bringing it home. And I dodn't have a garage...keep my bikes in my living room so it would be tough not to ride them. Thanks as always for commenting :)
Anonymous said…
Okay, that photo made me laugh. I can just imagine the people driving by you who did a double and triple take. Even in the back of a truck that would have caught my attention, but on the bike, it just makes me smile.
Joe said…
It makes me laugh, too, when I see it in a photo...looks sort of like a float in a parade.
the_big_smile said…
Hey Joe, great applause for this haul!
I get envious not to have had a spectacular ride like this! ;-)

And same as the bricks, you carried a few weeks ago, I wonder it didn't fall down!
Do know any tricks for levitation? ;-)