Things That Can Be Carried on a Bike (#342)...and a brief comment

Things on the bike: A gym bag full of wet clothes and two slices of pizza (yes despite my garden full of vegetables--click here--I had pizza for dinner...I swam an extra 15 laps to earn it).

A brief comment, or comment on a brief conversation: The pizzeria is at an intersection and as I exited the parking lot I had to stop for a stop light. There's a bus stop with a bench at it at this intersection, and there were a man and woman sitting on the bench drinking 40s out of paper bags. This was my brief conversation.

She: Are you the new [pizza] delivery guy?
Me: Nope, just delivering my dinner to my house.
She: Well you should be, 'cause you could strap a lot of stuff on that big bike with all those bungee cords.
Me: Yes I can.
She: You could probably strap me to that big bike and take me home.
Me: Umm...I gotta go (just then the light changed).


Tigger said…
Yeah, that definitely makes for an awkward departure.