The Tao of Calvin

First off, I don't necessarily agree with everything the dad in this cartoon says--at least not to the extreme--because I still own a gas-powered vehicle, but I don't use it that often. Tonight was the first time I used my truck in more than two weeks (emergency school supply run for my teenage son). I thought we could just zip to the store and be back in time to prepare dinner (about 5 miles / 8km each way). What a mistake. We went during rush hour and traffic was heavy to begin with but then we got stuck in a stand-still because of road work. My blood pressure immediately sky rocketed; I was not a happy's amazing how miserable that makes a person (it does to me) feel. All I kept thinking was I wished I were on a bike. Anyhow, and at the very least, I thought this cartoon was funny.


Anonymous said…
Hmm... There have been days I wanted to say that though.

Mind you, Gas is about $8 a gallon here.
Joe said…
Andy, here's my little secret...I wouldn't mind if petrol was $8 or $10 a gallon. Maybe it would finally make some (many) Americans change their driving habits, including myself.