A Dog's Life

That's Maxwell (on the right) and Franklin (on the left); brothers from separate litters; Maxwell is older by about ten months. Here they are enjoying that sweet sunny spot on a Saturday afternoon...much in the same way they do every afternoon. They were sleeping when I approached them and looked up at me with a look like, "Yes, can I help you? Why are you waking me?" Shortly after this photo was taken I left for work...to rush around a hot kitchen for most of the afternoon and evening to earn money to buy food and pay for pet care. So the question arises...who's really in charge here? I'm joking of course (mostly); I love these little guys and enjoy sharing their pictures; they bring me much joy. But seriously...who is in charge, I can't help but wonder sometimes?


Kim said…
I LOVED this post! As a fellow individual who is lucky enough to be owned by two Pugs myself, I completely understand the feeling that at times I too, am inconviencing them by disturbing their slumber time in the sun. Oh, and you are so not in charge. It's always nice to read your blog and although I was consumed also by work (I cook at a local country club) summer was a blur. Good as always to read your musings and I trust all is well! Kim