How To Lock Your Bike

This is another short, informative, and exceedingly entertaining video put out by StreetFilms. Hal Ruzal, who has been a bike mechanic at Bicycle Habitat since 1978 (gotta love his Cheap Trick t-shirt), and Kerri Martin, founder of Bike Church, walk around and rate how people's bikes are locked up. I remember some years ago when I purchased my Kryptonite u-lock, which I still use, I read the fine print on the package and they stated they guaranteed the price of your bike but not within the confines of NYC (where this video was filmed).  It's a film that is both entertaining and informative. Enjoy.

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DanT said…
Hi Joe.

Now you know why you use your chain and strong lock. Most U-bolts are a real problem.

As for me and my ankle, I will start with pedalling with one of my bikes on a resistance trainer and in a few weeks I'll move the bike terra firma.

As always,

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