A Link and Clip

I've posted in the past of famous people on bikes, click here and here. Anyhow I thought I'd pass along a link of to site I've visit periodically, it posts only pictures of famous people on bikes--mostly from a bygone era--it's called Rides a Bike. Click here, for example, to see a picture of Brian Jones on a cargo bike. I came across the above photo today and it's one of my favorites. It's Cliff Edwards (aka Ukulele Ike) playing his ukulele on a bike. While he was most known as the original voice of Jiminy Cricket, he was a multifaceted entertainer with many talents, on of them being the ukulele (a true virtuoso on the instrument). If you Google him you'll find plenty of songs and clips of him performing, but the one below I found particularly entertaining. To me a ukulele brings me the same joy as a bike...it's nearly impossible to play it without it making a person smile.


Anonymous said…
I could not get "When You Wish Upon a Star" out of my head last night after reading your post. It was a very soothing song to me as a child, but I never knew who actually sang it. Thanks for sharing his story.