Sometimes I Get Overwhelmed

I snapped this picture a few seconds after taking the bottom of the two previous photos. I was marveling at the beauty of the flowers--and that I had the day off--when I looked up at the sky (I find myself looking at the sky a lot these days). The jet pictured was flying directly overhead and there was not a cloud in the sky. I felt in awe and somewhat overwhelmed by the magnificence of it...that big chunk of metal and other stuff hurling through the air and likely full of human souls (oddly--or maybe not--while I found this an incredible sight, and I love to travel, I also have a slight-to-medium phobia of flying). Anyhow, it struck me as--first--how high above me the plane was, and then--secondly--how it was nothing compared to what was behind it...infinity. I suddenly felt minuscule. I, like many, tend to get caught up in my own "little world," my own insignificant worries and problems...seeing only the little things in front of me and not seeing the bigger picture (that we are all connected and that what we do--no matter how big or small--really does effect others). And as I was thinking this I began to hear an audible buzzing sound. I looked down to see a bee on the flower I held my cheap little camera as close to it as I could--without getting stung or scaring away the bee--and snapped another picture.