Whole Wheat Brown Rice Garden Fresh Pizza

With the weather turning cooler I've been baking bread at home again (opposed to taking the raw dough to work to bake it where the ovens are on all day long everyday). And is often the case when I bake at home I'll take half the dough and make pizza for dinner...and this is just what I did for my son and I tonight (seems like there should be a comma or two in the title of this post/recipe). I've posted on pizza making a few times before and this is just another variation. For printable recipes, including the whole wheat honey-brown rice dough I used for this pizza, click here. As aforementioned, this is just a variation on a theme...but what is pizza anyhow, just flat-bread with stuff on it, right? Anyhow, the garden still has plenty to offer so after foraging through the choking weeds I came up with: sweet and hot peppers, tons of basil and Italian parsley, Swiss chard (which I par-cooked), and a small amount of broccoli. I also used sauce that was made from tomatoes from the garden (click here for a recipe), and a shredded three-cheese blend I had in the freezer. Chock full of vegetables and made with whole wheat brown rice dough this not only tastes great but it's likely packed full of nutrition.  And now after typing these words and looking at the pictures as they upload I find myself salivating a bit...so if you'll excuse me I think I'll go grab another slice.


Amrita said…
This is so exotic. Wish I had the chief ingredients