Cargo Bike Revolution

The below trailer was forwarded to me by a fellow cargo-biker (thanks Max!). It's the trailer to an upcoming documentary about cargo bikes in the US. It is so good for me to see this. While I generally get really good comments about the Mundo when I'm on it or loading it, and while a good amount of Buffalonians can be seen riding bikes (at least during nice weather), it is rare to see another cargo bike in my travels...other than the internet I sometimes feel as if I am in my own personal cargo-bike cocoon; like I'm the only one. It is reassuring for me to see this and the forward thinking people in this 8-minute trailer. I really look forward to the documentary to come out. It's being directed by Liz Canning; to visit here site (or to get involved), click here. I encourage you to watch this short video; if you are a cargo biker already it will make you smile, if you do not own a cargo bike you will want to after watching it. Peace.


Anonymous said…
I know the feeling of being 'the only one' too. Sometimes it gets a bit wearing.

Thanks for sharing the video
Max said…
Yep, same here. I see some around, but never more than a fleeting sighting. What bums me out more though is hearing people dismiss it as just not feasible without having even given it a try. I guess It all pivots on those gas prices.

You really should consider contributing to that film, Joe. You gotta balance out all that California dreamin' with some real world Buffalo.