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Friday, October 21, 2011

End of the Season

Well, I'd guess I should stop being in denial and face facts that the cold weather is on the way. I did my annual ritual of digging up the front yard garden today to make room for a shipment of firewood which is slated for delivery tomorrow; the wood gets dumped in my front yard and my son and I haul and stack it in the back and on the front porch. And I'm always surprised that--despite my lack of weeding--so much grows on it's own. The above and below pictures are just some of the things I found hiding in my mini garden jungle...I see tomato sauce and sauerkraut in my near future. It's odd, though, how fast time flies; it seems like summer just started and now I sit typing these words while I warm next to a wood stove. It won't be long before I'm posting about how cold and snowy it is...

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